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Are we creating a nonverbal generation?


While most of the Facebook community let out a collective ‘eek’ of excitement for the new reactions that rolled out this week, some see the slippery slope a simple heart (“I love”) can create. No I am not talking about the overzealous girlfriend who will take the ‘I love’ reaction as a sign of betrayal. I am speaking of the long debated impact of ‘internet’ speech.

I have a potential girlfriend that sends me strings of emoji(s) instead of saying what she means. Since my generation got the privilege of watching the internet and social media grow from its advent, the string of pictures means to me the same as a thought out sentence. I do however wonder what the impact of this type of language will have on children?

In Emily Dreyfuss’s article ‘Linguists not Exactly Wow about Facebook’s New Reactions’ she compares the new tool to the sounds a four year old may make. As in they are basic reactions – not a full thought.  You love  your new friend’s picture, you are wowed by their stunning body, maybe shocked by a change, but how are you ‘haha’ about something?

It’s a grammatical nightmare and forces your brain to make sense of ‘I HaHa your dramatic weight loss.’ – you’re meant to infer what that means, what if the recipient doesn’t interpret it the same? Can you explain what you meant? How long before society can’t answer that question?

Are we going to produce a generation like Emily’s opening who can only grunt and,  make basic verbalizations? I think about two things; one the ability to order a pizza with a picture and two a Life in Pieces short where the teenagers thought their life was ruined when they talked to their boyfriend and he broke up with her saying the actual conversation and proximity were suffocating them.

Is that the reality?

I challenge you instead of hitting a button say what you feel.