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Life changes. Confidence falters, yet the strong remain. To endure, to grow, to exist. To be a better writer, I must not only practice my technical skills, but dabble in all sorts of ways of expression. Feel free to check out my blog, ask me  questions, explore my writings, learnings, and ramblings.


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The Haunting of a Writer (by a writer)

I swear Stephen King haunts not. Not just Rose Madder, which at twenty-five still scares the heebie-jeebies out of me. I have yet to finish it. The thing is, I am not a huge fan of King, I like his shorter works The Mist, Misery, The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon, and Carrie. However, as an aspiring writer I have to stand up and listen to his writerly advice. It can be argued that making it as a writer falls into three main categories: drive, talent, and a hint of luck.

Shorty after my last post I was flooded with Kingly advice.

I must have read that article a dozen times over the course of the day. It all fell into place after that. It is time to fling myself into it. I am not a kid anymore and people aren’t going to phrase me because I write. They are going to acknowledge me when I begin to write well.

I have three written stories in various stages of editing one submitted, one in progress, and one outlined. All of them are different stories, crated to theme, all various lengths – I haven’t felt this accomplished or stressed in years.

I absorbed King’s thoughts on editing: get to the point and stay there, and if a draft isn’t messy, you are not doing it right.

I know of the submissions they are all going to be rejected. I have no illusions about being the next prodigy (can’t say I haven’t fantasized about it) but I am hoping that I get steered into the right direction.