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Close your Eyes

Close your Eyes

She weeps,

dressed in flowing black,

a shadow against the world.

All of her life she has held back,

molded to be what everyone wanted her to be,

taught to be unyielding

constrained, confided,

afraid to feel,

frightened of the illogical.

Now, her cold heart bleeds,

the shadow of death lurks near.

Close your eyes and mourn the life passed by,

one so willingly given.

Wipe away the tears,

forget them,

Loneliness has taken form,

chains her,

binding her to the building agony.

 Close your eyes and let go of past torment,

the scars of that silent burden go deeper than any other,

hate of self everlasting,

restrained and broken.

 Close your eyes and make the choice,

Justice verses redemption,

a haunting sacrifice either way,

spare the villain with hope that he becomes a hero,

bury all that was done.

Close your eyes and see the light of hope.

Close your eyes and shut out the gathering dark.

Under its veil, beneath steeled armor,

courage and strength reside,

both exist with the spark of love, of passion, and trust,

to repair the shattered heart.

Gather the jagged pieces,

puzzle them together.

 Close your eyes once more

see all of what you are,

broken, fractured, isolated girl with a heart encased in stone?

Feel the power, surging and building,

newborn fire to reignite her soul.

When I close my eyes,

I will reawaken,

forged with tempered steel,