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Crimson End

Crimson End

A fire burns in the distance,

polluting the midnight blue sky with a crimson mist,

drowning out the sweet summer symphony,

the rising fires, a harbinger,

of the destruction to come.

I am the witness, looking from the inside out,

the guiding heart, but inside I am cold,

hollow, left with the drumming heartbeat,

no voice of comfort for the witness.

Burn it away, all the doubt an fear,

the chains cutting deeper,

call to the fire,

scream for a release,

reborn from the crimson end.

Dreams of walking hall with no end,

tormented by all that I should be but am not,

what I have become is a broken dream,

wishing and praying each day for a hope, a chance to be like them.

Burn it all away,

the wooden timbers,

rotting flesh long forgotten,

rise again from the crimson end.

I’ve watched in the shadows,

the obligation, the burned,

clung to the silence,

I have vowed to keep fighting, but for who,

I can’t hold onto the same girl that I have always been.

I want to dance,

to matter,

to be known.

I cut, they don’t know,

concern, worry,

but all I want is control.

Burn it all away, endless pits of despair,

boiling up to the surface, to drown and consume,

rise again from the crimson end.